I completed my fast from yesterday at 8AM today, meaning my 90 days journey is now officially over!!! I am super proud of myself and can’t believe how far I’ve actually come. I remember starting this journey being super determined and deciding to take it a day at a time. There were ups and downs, moments where I didn’t feel as motivated and moments where I picked myself up and decided to work harder. But with all the ups and downs, there was never a moment where I thought about giving up or regretted going on this journey. What is there to regret?! I was working to make myself better and healthier! It was a great learning experience for me. Where I learned a lot about myself, and about dieting in general. This is going to be a decently long reflection post of the past 90 days. I’d talk about:

  1. What I was doing wrong that led to me being overweight
  2. 90 Days Results
  3. Too Challenges in my 90 Days Journey
  4. Next Steps

What I was doing wrong that led to me being overweight

I’d like to start with what I learned that I was doing wrong the whole time before my 90 days journey. I weighed 69.6 kg at a height of 158 cm. 

Eating Blindly: Having to watch what I ate for the past 90 days, made me realise just how much food I had been consuming previously without even realising it. In my 90 days journey and intermittent fasting period, I was restricted to eating two well portioned meals a day, and sometimes a bit of snacking in between. Compared to before where I made it a point to eat three meals a day, and still snack multiple times in between. From one perspective, eating three meals a day is not so bad, however what is bad is that I ate three large meals, not checking how much oils or fat was going into my meals. And I would sometimes top it up with random snacks throughout the day. This leads me to my next point.

Not Aware of My Basic Calorie Requirement: This was a very important part that I failed to acknowledge before my 90 days fitness journey. For my height, age and weight, my BMR/ daily calorie requirement should be no more than 1300 calories if I weighed 60 kg which is at the border of a healthy weight range. If I worked out lightly or did a bit of physical activity, then this amount climbs up to 1600 – 1700 calories. But I can say for a fact that I never took this into account and a typical day’s meal looked like this:

There were days where I ate less, and there were days when I ate even more. But on average, I can say I was consuming close to 2100 calories per day. This leads me to my next point.

Wasn’t Burning Enough Calories: Before my 90 days journey, I realised I grossly underestimated how much calories I was burning per day. Getting my FitBit watch turned out to be a huge eye opener for me. It made me realise how much I was actually burning, making me mindful of what I ate. But I never had this before. So while I was consuming 2100 calories, I was barely exercising, only physical activity I was doing was going to work, and heading back home – which turns out isn’t so much. I notice with my FitBit that on days when I just go to work and don’t workout, I barely reach 1700 calories burned on activate workdays and 1600 calories on non-active workdays. On weekends where I used to make huge meals throughout the day and eat a lot – raking way more than 2100 calories, I found out I actually burn the least calories. From spending the whole day in the apartment, laying on the couch and only getting up to get some food, I burned around 1400 calories, sometimes 1500. This means I was eating so much without burning most of the calories. For some reason this fact never occurred to me, I had this misconception that I was eating and burning enough. While in reality with each meal, I was actually gaining some weight.

This shows that if I had continued this way, I was indeed going to keep gaining weight. Consuming 2100 calories and only burning 1600 gave me an excess of close to 500 calories per day, which is a pound per week. Leading to my next point.

Following Too many Short Term Diet Plans: On the one hand, I can say that I would have weighed more than 69.6 kg at the rate I was eating, if I had not followed in fact followed all the random diet plans I went through in the past before my 90 days journey. I would follow a diet for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or sometimes as short as a week before I abandoned it. As they were short term diet plans, I usually restricted my calorie consumption by ALOT, and I’ve learned that this is never sustainable. Although I always saw progress, I always got frustrated and quit after a while, then I immediately go back to my old ways.

I always followed short term diet plans with the hope of quick results, but this didn’t help me change anything. I always went back to my old ways and gained all the weight right back after a while. This leads me to my main lesson learned from my 90 days fitness journey.

Lesson Learned:

While going through and completing my 90 days journey I’ve realised something. Following a long term gave me a strong level of commitment to the progress I’ve made so far. My current perspective is that I worked hard for 3 WHOLE MONTHS to get where I am!! 90 days of dedication and hard work. I feel it would be ultimately stupid of me to go back to my old ways or gain all that weight back! I remember being half way through my journey, and I told Dan that I’d never ever want to gain any of this weight back. I’ve worked so hard to lose it, I’d do anything to keep it that way. So I guess the saying is true that you value something way more when you work really hard for it, then when you do otherwise. With short term diets, I was never committed and I just went right back to my usual habit. This is why I have created a Next Steps plan which I will talk about later in this post. I thought to myself a few weeks back that I don’t want to lose all my hard work, so I went ahead and devised a plan for this – can’t waitt!! Next, I’d dive right into my 90 days results.

90 Days Fitness Journey Results

Current Weight: 59.4 kg!

Total Lost: 10.2 kg!!!

I didn’t exactly meet my goal of losing 12 kg in the past 90 days, but I made it to 10 kg which I am super proud of! I always try to aim as high as I can, so I put my hardest into it. Losing 10 kg in 3 months is way more than I’ve been able to lose in the past 3 years of battling to lose any weight. 

The image above shows an overview of what I’ve lost so far. In the last few weeks I actually started noticing a few changes in my body. My thighs looked smaller and didn’t rub against each other like they used to. My arms don’t flab around as much, and most of my pants don’t fit as much. And to be honest, it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I really started noticing any changes beyond what was showing on the scale. Which shows it was a slow process that I just had to keep hacking out before finally seeing results!

I am super duper happy and can’t believe how much I’ve achieved after trying for so long. I am really looking forward to the next plans after this!

Challenges Faced in my 90 Days Journey

As with any journey taken to improve yourself, it wasn’t all happy days for me in my 90 days journey. I had a few challenges which I like to briefly highlight and would serve as good input for my next steps after these 90 days.

  1. Was Hard Skipping Dinner: Of all that I had to do, the hardest was having to skip dinner most days for almost 90 days. I had to cook dinner sometimes for Dan cause I love to cook him nice meals, and was sometimes hard having to sit there and just sip some tea cause of my intermittent fasting. Although it really helped me with making progress, it was still tough. 
  2. Sticking to Drinking 3 Liters Everyday: Was frankly surprising how hard it was to stick to drinking enough water per day. I missed out on this quite a few times. But I can say that I seemed to have actually formed a good habit out of having to drink a lot of water daily.

Those were actually my only two main challenges. It wasn’t exercising because I actually started to find it fun and happy it helped me with making progress. And it wasn’t hard with food cause I tried to NOt be restrictive and my main rules was to have as much freedom in what I could eat as possible. I mainly avoided fried foods and processed foods. Every other thing was allowed!

Next Steps!

All being said, my main goal after the past 90 days is to try as best as possible to maintain the weight I’ve lost so far. So my next plan which I thought of a while back, is to make another 90 Day Journey!! This time, I won’t have the main purpose of losing weight, but mostly I’d focus on finding the right balance between eating, exercising, living my life, and keeping the weight off! 

A while back, I was a bit sad thinking I’d have to end my 90 days journey, but then I thought to myself that this doesn’t have to end. I shouldn’t just throw everything out the window once the 90 days is over. I also read a few articles about the importantance of a maintenance plan after weight loss. It showed that a high percentage of people without a maintenance plan usually gain the weight back between 1 to 3 years. And like I said before, after all my hard work the last 90 days, I never want to gain any of the lost weight back. So I thought to myself that I need to think of what I’d do next to make sure I maintain the progress I’ve made so far, and came up with the idea of a 90 Days Maintenance Plan!

Although I’d like to start my new journey as soon as possible, the Christmas and New Years holidays are almost here! I pretty much know it’s gonna be hard to keep track and make my regular posts. So I’ve decided to start my next plans after the holidays. I am also sure I’d have gained a bit of weight from the holidays, so I’d pretty much have the drive to dive into the next phase of my weight loss journey!

I’d make my first post on the 4th of January 2020! This would detail out my plans for the next 90 days. It would be a new journey of building life-long habits that should last more than 90 days! 

Turned out to be a really long post. But am looking forward to creating a new plan and starting the new journey! WHOOP WHOOOOP! Post again in a few days!

xx Krista

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