It’s officially 12 weeks completed for my 90 days journey, and 5 more days to go! Woooooo! I am happy that I made more progress within the past week and am very much closer to my goal. Can’t believe it’s less than a week to go now, feels a bit surreal but am really looking forward to it!

Day 85 Recap:

Weight: 60.4kg

Weight Left to Goal: 2.8kg

Yayyyy! I made my goal for the second week in a row! My goal for the week was to reach 61kg, but I did a bit better and hit 60.4kg. I set my next goal for the next 5 days to be 59.4kg. Seems hard to reach but with exercising for the next 5 days and trying to be more active through the days, am hoping to reach somewhere close to that. I always like to set height targets and see how far I get!

Meal 1: cheese stick, mandarin and coffee

Meal 2: pasta and fish tomato sauce

Intermittent Fasting (18/6): 8AM-2PM

Workout: NA

Calories Burned: 1750

Calories Consumed: 1250

Water: 3 liters

Daily Goals Met:

  • 3 liters of water ✅ 
  • Protein carbs balance ✅ 
  • Skip dinner ✅ 

That’s it for day 85 of my 90 days fitness journey! Looking forward to more days of progress!

xx Krista

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