I think the only main thing I look forward to these days is just completion of my 90 days journey. I’ve not had much to say lately only that I am so proud of myself to see how far I’ve come. Still feels like a few weeks ago when I decided to start this journey and surprising to see how time flies. Each day when I pick up my phone to write my blog, can’t believe how close I am getting. 

In terms of my goals for these last few days, I think I am doing pretty good. Ate well, drank enough water, and worked out good. I am going to keep this momentum going till the final day!

Quick Recap for Day 84:

Weight: 61 kg

Weight Left to Goal: 3.4 kg

Meal 1: bread with eggs and bacon

Meal 2: yogurt and cereal

Intermittent Fasting (18/6): 2PM-8AM

Workout: 30 Mins Body Attack, 30 Mins Dance 

Calories Burned: 2150

Calories Consumed: 1050

Water: 3 liters

Daily Goals Met:

  • 3 liters of water ✅ 
  • Protein carbs balance ✅ 
  • Skip dinner ✅ 

That’s it for day 84 of my 90 days fitness journey! Looking forward to more days of progress!

xx Krista

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