Can’t believe it’s already day 83 of my 90 days journey! Only 7 more days to go. Woke up feeling good. No soreness from my workout, maybe just a little bit of bloating. 7 days feel so little compared to how far I’ve come, but they also seem so important to me! Really looking forward to my final post!

Am a bit late with writing today cause I played video games with Dan till late. So am going to do a very quick recap once again. 

Day 83 Recap:

Weight: 61.1kg

Weight Left to Goal: 3.5 kg

Meal 1: Pasta with fish and tomato sauce (favorite food atm!!)

Meal 2: red velvet cake

Meal 3: yogurt and cereal 

I know I said no more cakes, but a colleague had a birthday and was just to hard to say no once he offered a slice of cake! 🙁 

Intermittent Fasting (18/6): 2PM – 8AM

Workout: NA

Calories Burned: 2005

Calories Consumed: 1150

Water: 3 liters

Daily Goals Met:

  • 3 liters of water ✅ 
  • Protein carbs balance ✅ 
  • Skip dinner ✅ 

That’s it for day 83 of my 90 days fitness journey! Looking forward to more days of progress!

xx Krista

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