Its been roughly two months after my 90 days journey and I must confess, things haven’t turned as well as I would have hoped. With the holidays starting right after my 90 days journey, I kinda fell very quickly out of the habits I developed while I was on my 90 days journey. With the holidays and a lot of things that happen till now, I was quick to fall back into old habits that lead to weight gain.

After my 90 days journey, I was supposed to come up with a sustainable weight loss maintenance plan and stick to it, but with a lot of things that happened in the last months, I actually never got to it. Now here I am, weighing almost 4 kg more than the last I blogged and realizing I need to do something about it before it gets out of hand.

I’ve been a bit consistent with my work out usually 3 – 4 times a week for an hour, but I’ve been doing very badly on the eating. It’s a bit shaming to mention, but I’ve been eating a lot of fried and bloating foods, and eating pretty late even though I know these habits are very bad for me. I never thought this would happen while I was completing my 90 days journey. I was so determined to keep the weight off that its sad to see myself in this situation already. However, instead of cowering in self regret I have decided to pick myself up, try again, and try my best to do better.

With this, I have decided to go on a new journey for the next 65 days. I didn’t want to postpone or procrastinate to another day, so I wish to start from this very moment and follow this journey for at least 60 days. From today 25th of February till the 31st of April.

The Goal of this journey is to lose 8 kg !

I feel this weight would bring me to an ideal weight for my height and I can easily maintain a healthy weight range after the 60 days are over.

I am going to make the rules for the next 60 days short and simple:

  • Blog Everyday
  • Exercise 5 Days a Week (60 Mins)
  • Intermittent Fast Everyday (20/4)
  • Do Not Eat – processed/packaged foods (biscuits, cakes, chips, sugar), deep fried foods

Those are similar rules I had with my 90 days journey. First, is making sure to blog everyday. This was kinda like my diary for each day, where I could say my thoughts and kind of refocus myself on my journey each day. Doing this should help me reflect more each day and help me stay on track. I’d post my weight and anything I’ve eaten for the day.

Next, an important part of every fitness journey is exercising. So for this journey, I’d make sure to exercise at least 5 days a week for the next 60 days. I got a gym registration to do some live classes like dance, body pump, Zumba, etc. So I’d be doing a lot of that and alternating between going to the gym and working out at home.

Next to exercising, I’d like to continue my intermittent fasting. I am stepping it up a notch this time and going for the 20/4 fasting method. I’d fast for 20 hours and have a 4 hour eating window. I wanna push myself a bit and gain the full benefits of intermittent fasting, so am gonna give this a shot!

My main struggle has been with eating too late, so I’d mostly be fasting for dinner and breakfast and eating during lunch time. I’d only change this on occasions when I plan dinners with friends, family or Dan.

Lastly, the issue of what to eat. As with my last journey, no food is off limits. Only off limit foods are processed and packages foods like cakes, biscuits, cookies, etc, and deep fried foods. These are foods that I don’t do well with and also pack a lot of not nice calories. I am gonna avoid them totally for the next 60 days. All other foods are allowed! I only need to watch my portion size and not go over my calorie requirements for the day.

I tried hard for a few weeks to get back on track but couldn’t seem to focus or get myself to take action. But I am gonna believe in myself like I did with my first journey. I’ve taken the first step now, making today Day 1 of my 60 days fitness journey! I am gonna go hard for the next 60 days and make it all count!!

Start Weight – 62.6 kg!

xx Krista

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